Our Service

                      We specialize in wholesale of all kind of hardware accessories and we are also a well known aluminum fabrication manufacturer and exporter of wide range of aluminum and uPVC doors and windows accessories in india. Besides offering such high quality products, we also provide superior quality services to our customers. Our services include high quantity manufacturing capacity with shine finishing quality approved by Indian and UK government tread mark which is done by a highly skilled team of workers. We also have a well defined management system, which is equally responsible for our high standards. We are using highly managed transportation chain for delivery of goods to our customers in india and other countries like UK, Kenya, other African countries, European countries, Asia, USA and other part of the world with reasonable prices and in a timely manner.

 We are also providing third party tread services as per customer's requirement which including all the over the products for any company. We have collaboration with many multinational companies by which we can give best quality products in within reasonable price which will lover then direct from the company. We are also providing export facility in all over the world.

 ü Pooja Sales is manufacturing different types Hardware Parts like,

Ø Wide Range of Aluminium and uPVC Double Glazing Door and window Hardware Accessories.

-         Bi- Folding Door Hardware Parts,

-         Sliding Door Hardware Parts,

-         Single and Double Door Accessories,

-         Emergency Door Hardware Accessories,

-         Tilt and Turn Window Accessories,

-         Single, Double and Triple Glazing Windows Hardware Accessories,

-         Sliding Windows Accessories.

Ø Aluminium Extrusion and other Fabrication Products as per Customer’s Designs Needs.

-         Extrusion Die Design and Manufacturing

-         Extrusion Exporter

Ø Curtain Socket & All Accessories,

Ø Bathroom Feting Accessories.

Ø Light engineering accessories.


ü Engineering parts:

Ø CI Cast

Ø MS Cast

Ø Dazing Components as per customer required.

Ø Crimping Machine (Invented by the Company) Particularly for UK market.

-         Hand Crimper,

-         Semi Automatic Crimping Machine (Latest Model).

Ø Submersible Pumps (Different types and ranges).


ü Product Design & Development.


ü Tool Design & Manufacturing as per Drawing.


ü Plastics:

Ø Profile Design of ABS, PVC, Nylon.

Ø Extrusion & Maudling of Plastics.

Ø Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets.

Ø Double Glazing Plastic Hardware Accessories.


ü Investment & Pressure Die Cast:

Ø S.S.(Stainless Steel) 202, 304, 316 as per Required Designing Hardware Accessories.


ü Sheet Metal Components:

Ø M.S. (Mild Steel), S.S. (Stainless Steel), G.P.( Galvanize Plain), Aluminium as per Design.


ü Auto Sector:

Ø Stainless Steel (304) Tractor Trailer Manufacturer for transportation of Raw Salt.

Ø Supplier of Caterpillar Heavy Duty Vehicles for Quarry and Construction.

Ø Supplier of Forklift (Godrej) and Other Brand

Ø Supplier of Heavy Duty Crane as per requirement.

Ø Heavy Duty Trucks and Other Road Construction Vehicles.


ü Construction materials :

Ø Exporter of Cement, Sand and all other construction materials and equipment as per customers’ requirement.

Ø Construction vehicles like tractors, forklift, truck, cranes and other Heavy Duty Vehicles.


 ü Quarry or Mining Equipment and Machinery:

Ø Mitsubishi, Dunlop, Eureka Brand Classical V- Belts, Timing Belts,

Ø Dunlop Make Conveyor Rubber Belts,

Ø Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen,

Ø Vibrating Feeder,

Ø Conveyor Rollers,

Ø Heavy Duty Stone Crusher,

Ø Different Types of Grinding Mills,

Ø Sand and Gravel Equipment,

Ø Mineral Processing Equipment.

Ø Electric Motors and Gear Boxes.

Ø Manufacture PB Bush for Stone Cutting Gun.


 ü Bosch, Pakona and Other Packaging Machinery Maintenance Parts Exporter.


 ü Food products and Processing as per customers’ requirement.


        How we work?

-         In-depth analysis of operation.

-         Proper time and budge calculation.

-         Managed by experts.

-         Results as per clients’ specification.

-         Completion of project in prescribed timeline.


Shipping/Cargo Handling/Logistic:

Shipping documents are checked to verify their conformity to buyers’ instruction and sent well in advance to the buyer.

As a policy, a Pooja sale insists that all of its cargo must be handled only by a reputed Forwarder, so that, Pooja Sales gets correct information well in time about exact vessel sailing details. In suitable circumstances, Pooja Sales may arrange grouping of cargo arriving from different suppliers. This system enables the buyer to import several consignments as one lot and reduces the import cost on freight, clearing, forwarding and cargo handling; Pooja Sales can assists if in negotiating and obtains special freight rates on the basis of regular turnover. This too result in reducing buyer’s cost of import.

We are also providing certificate of third party inspection of goods specifically for Kenya as per government policy for clearing the goods from SGS India Ltd.


Post Shipment Services:

To avoid demurrage at destination, Pooja Sales collects copies of shipping documents such as B/L, AWB, Invoice, Packing list, Original G.S.P., certificate of Origin, Export Certificate etc. From all Suppliers immediately after shipment and forward to respective buyers. Should there still arise any misunderstanding or dissatisfaction in respect to any order, Pooja Sales actively help in finding a mutually acceptable solution to the problem.


Business Communication:

From a customer’s point of view, Pooja Sales makes sure that no mails are ignored, since the emails are major mode of communication. We have got telephone that can call/ receive local and overseas calls, 24 hours broadband internet connectivity, inter LAN connectivity, cell phones in urgent contact requirement.

Our service is based on communication so we make sure that we prioritize on constant communication both with the customers and suppliers.